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Objective of this application is to book Housekeeping Services and Shop Grocery from your mobile, and get your work done at your time at your doorstep.

All new enhanced user experience. Location based shopping, services and delivery.

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Send your location with 1 click or track your friends live.

Key Features: With LATTO widget, send your location to the last called/received number with a single click. Send your location has never been this easy.

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EMO Car Share

EMO Car Share --Even Meets Odd -- is designed to quickly and accurately pair-up commuters with those who have the opposite registration numbers to their own. Thereby ensuring that as a commuter you are not left scrambling for transport options on the day your car is not allowed on the road.

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This new adventure game in the market can bring a lot of thrill and joy for the gamers. The non-stop action game - Alius has the capability to pump up enough adrenaline rush in the body; it can even improve the reflexes and dexterity of the gamer. The game showcases an alien, who is on a mission to crossover the sky, while collecting some orbs scattered around.

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Vilo App

Villo Sales App is a salesman app for Vilo. It helps in improving the salesman performance by speeding up the ordering process. You can track your salesman. Monitor on all the orders placed by the salesman. All necessary information about products is given in one place.

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Visitor Book App

Visitor Book is a best digital solution to maintain the record of a visitor visiting your organization. All the details of the visitor are recorded while filling the entries, including an image file of the visitor. There is a security pin which is only known by the security guard. Both in and time of the visitor is recorded.

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Security App

Security app is used for Security purpose. It shows which Visitors are allowed to enter and which are allowed to go outside. It shows full details of the visitor and it's also shows purpose of the visit of Visitors. It also shows which Employee's short leave is approved and is allowed to go.

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Client get enquiry about the loan. Client get list of bank which provides the loan. Send Email quotes to NDF office for any query. Call to NDF backend office with this app.

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